One of a Kind Miniatures made by Shannon Perry

One of a Kind Miniatures made by Shannon Perry

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Each one of my critters is made out of high quality fabrics, most of which is mohair from the Netherlands, I do use vintage fabrics and cashmere as well.

I sew each and every one of my critters by hand twice. The largest critter I make is 6-7 inches and the smallest is roughly 1 1/2 inches when seated. I don't sew the very tiny micros often. The micros are jointed using thread but I use a cotter pin jointing system for the others, that is what makes them pose-able.

I use handmade glass eyes and embroider their faces. I also color and shade them to give them more detail. I also add a bit of either copper or steel pellets in their bellies to give them a bit of weight.

All of my critters are truly a labor of love, which is why I give each of my critters a heart on their bottom.

Because it is so time consuming, I very rarely have any stray critters that need adopting. I do take private orders. If you have a particular critter in mind but do not see it in my photo gallery do not hesitate to ask if I can make one, I am usually up for a challenge.
Feel free to email me to inquire about critters

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